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VW Update: Clarification of RFPs

NC VW Clarification on Soon-To-Be-Announced RFPs

The North Carolina VW Team is diligently working to complete the RFPs and all associated documents for applicants to apply for funding. They released the following information today, 3/7.
There will be three different RFPs, which may be released on different schedules. The three RFPs will be:

  • Diesel Bus & Vehicle Program - $24,454,509,
  • DC Fast Charging Infrastructure Program - $3,451,712 and
  • Level 2 ZEV Charging Infrastructure Program - $1,150,571.

The RFPs will detail application eligibility, cost share requirements, reporting requirements and the reimbursement process.
The VW Team plans to schedule meetings across the state to help applicants complete required documents to submit applications.

Curious if your project will fit the bill for the VW settlement? Need help assembling project details? Centralina is here to help! Contact Carina Soriano at csoriano [at] centralina [dot] org for assistance or questions. 

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