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EV Everywhere Seeks Your Designs


Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs)  have the potential to electrify our country’s transportation system.  From their quiet ride and potential to save on fuel costs to their lower greenhouse gas emissions, both plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles have a variety of benefits for drivers and the country as a whole.  With 20 different models available, PEVs are practical for a huge number of drivers. That’s why the Energy Department wants to increase the public’s awareness of EV Everywhere, our efforts to increase the use of PEVs. To capture the average driver’s imagination, the Energy Department is launching an EV Everywhere logo contest, which will attract attention to plug-in vehicles.

Through this contest, the Energy Department is seeking a compelling graphic representation of EV Everywhere’s two main points:

1) PEVs are beneficial and a viable choice for consumers today.

2) EV Everywhere is the place for drivers to come for data-driven, objective information about them.

This contest is just part of our larger education and outreach effort around EV Everywhere, which includes a number of collaborative activities with our industry and non-profit partners. To raise awareness of PEVs’ benefits, the winning logo will be featured on a magnetic decal that the Energy Department will work with these partners to distribute to drivers nationwide. 

The Energy Department is offering a $5,000 for the winning design.  It’s a great chance to design a logo for an effort that will help reduce our county’s reliance on imported petroleum, lower fuel costs for drivers, and minimize our contributions to climate change.

Be sure to check out the rules and register on This information has also been submitted to be published in the Federal Register. Entries are due on September 25 and the winner will be announced in October.  To find out more about the benefits of PEVs, see the Energy Department’s Alternative Fuels Data Center’s section on electricity.   We look forward to seeing everyone’s creative vision of EV Everywhere!

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