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CNG Workshop in Monroe is a Success for Stakeholders


Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition recently presented a workshop on the benefits of utilizing CNG for fleets at Southern Piedmont Community College.  The workshop was attended by fleet users, local government officials, and other interested parties and was a great opportunity to spread information and success stories about CNG fleets.

The Ingersoll Rand twin 40 horsepower CNG fueling station at God Bless the USA, Inc.

Presenters at the workshop included CCFC Coordinators Jason Wager and Sean Flaherty, as well as Kathy Sanders, City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services Fleet Manager, and Ronnie Kidd, Fleet Manager at Frito-Lay Transportation. The goal of these presentations was to share success stories of how other large fleets had successfully integrated CNG vehicles.

The workshop concluded with a brief tour of the CNG fueling station at God Bless the USA, Inc., a private refuse hauling company based in Monroe.  The station consists of two fueling posts powered by an Ingersoll Rand twin 40 horsepower compressor.  Attendees were able to watch GBUSA staff fuel one of Monroe's two bi-fuel CNG pickups.

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