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City of Concord's Mean, Green, Hard to Beat Fleet


The City of Concord, with the help of Daniel Nuckolls, has continued to make great strides in the clean transportation space. With 99% of the over 1,000 vehicle fleet using alternative fuels, Daniel has created a clean fleet to envy. Nuckolls attributes his success to various organizations and planning projects including the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, the North Carolina Plug-in Vehicle Readiness Plan and various funding opportunities, including the Clean Fuel Advanced Techonology (CFAT) grant.The alternative fuels Nuckolls has implemented have proven to be effective for the city creating a positive change for both the residents as well as the environment. 

                                                                          Electric vehicle charging station

The City of Concord primarily uses biodiesel and has recently added both propane and electricity to power 99% of their fleet. They utilize six electric vehicle charging stations and have over 1,000 vehicles on site. Because of the increased demand, Nuckolls recently purchased two additional electric vehicles. One of these will act as a pool vehicle for city employees, and the other will be used as a crew courtesy vehicle for the airport. The City of Concord provides the transportation for incoming pilots and crews that use the airport.Additionally, Nuckolls has invested in an all-electric Firefly vehicle which will be used by the parking enforcement officer. You can watch the City of Concord's success story here:

                                                                          Firefly all-electric vehicle

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