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CCFC 10th Anniversary Celebration


The Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition held their 10th Anniversary event on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at the Foundation for the Carolinas in uptown Charlotte.  The event celebrated past accomplishments, recognized valuable stakeholders and encouraged stakeholders to meet future challenges.

CCFC Logo and Sean Flaherty

Featured speakers at the event included:

·     Keynote: Larry Shirley, Director of Operations and Planning at Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions

·     Nick Tennyson, North Carolina Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary;

·     Miles Atkins, Mooresville Mayor;

·     Jim Taylor, Matthews Mayor; and,

·     Vi Lyles, Charlotte City Council Member At-Large.

"The goal of this event is to take a step back and recognize the stakeholders who have helped us achieve so much in the region in the past ten years,” said Jason Wager, Centralina Council of Governments Planning Program Supervisor – Sustainability. “Since being officially designated within the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program, the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition has displaced over 10 million gallons of gasoline equivalents.” Recognizing stakeholders took place throughout the entirety of the evening with many honorable mentions from the speakers.

Keynote speaker, Larry Shirley, declared, “Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition’s successes are a result of its leadership. Their success goes beyond reducing consumption of oil and extends to growing jobs and the economy, controlling cost of government and improving quality of life in this region.”

CCFC Awards Recognition-

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition recognized stakeholders for their actions and activities related to reducing petroleum dependence, improving air quality, and expanding alternative fuel use and technology.  

CCFC Chair Dave Navey and Vice-Chair Robert Taylor present the award to Gary Price who accepted the award on behalf of Rowan Transit System

Kicking the Dinosaur Habit - Rowan Transit System

This award recognizes an organization or individual who has greatly reduced their gasoline or diesel fuel consumption.  Rowan Transit System is a non-emergency public transportation service for Rowan County residents. Rowan County Transit made the decision to convert 10 of their 28 vehicle fleet to propane for many reasons, including energy security, finances, and environmental concerns.  As a result of the success, Rowan Transit now plans to convert their entire fleet to run on propane. Gary Price accepted the award on behalf of Rowan Transit System.

CCFC Chair Dave Navey and Vice-Chair Robert Taylor present award to Dan Nuckolls

Early Pioneers & Explorers - Dan Nuckolls

This award recognizes an organization or individual who helped lead the charge for CCFC and our mission.  Dan is the longest serving member and core stakeholder, joining in 2003 he assisted with the designation process.  As Director of City of Concord Fleet Services, he has worked to decrease the City’s use of petroleum and has helped displace almost 700,000 gallons of fuel by using biodiesel and electric vehicles in the City’s fleets.

CCFC Chair Dave Navey and Vice-Chair Robert Taylor present the award to Bryan Steiner

Taking the Bullhorn - Bryan Steiner

This award recognizes an individual or organization who has taught and provided outreach activities in line with CCFC and our mission.  Bryan Steiner is a senior construction engineer and energy team leader at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Building Services. Specifically, he has  made an effort to explore alternative fuels and clean transportation technologies in his role at CMS, making a noticeable impact on the information that gets shared within the organization and community. 

CCFC Chair Dave Navey and Vice-Chair Robert Taylor present award to Cheree Wilson who accepted on behalf of Gaston ACCESS

Movers & Shakers - Gaston County ACCESS Central Transportation

This award recognizes an individual or organization that is a leader and has made significant accomplishments in line with CCFC’s mission.  In early 2012, Gaston County ACCESS converted 15 transport vans to run LPG with the bi-fuel PRINS system. This conversion allows the vans to run either LPG or gasoline, and was funded by an ARRA grant. Since 2012, Gaston County ACCESS has burned approximately 80,157 gallons of clean burning LPG instead of gasoline. Cheree Wilson accepted the award on behalf of Gaston County ACCESS.

CCFC Chair Dave Navey and Vice-Chair Robert Taylor present the award to Marcie Smith

A League of  Their Own - Marcie Smith

This award recognizes an individual or organization who is  in a league of their own.  Marcie Smith, Solid Waste and Recycling Administrator for Gaston County, has embraced the concept that waste management is evolving into Resource Management.  In 2006, she partnered with CCFC to be the first landfill in NC to fuel all of the off-road equipment with B-20.  She has helped develop Gaston County’s Renewable Energy Center which converts landfill gas to energy. 

These awards included handmade art from local artists and were specifically picked for each winner based on the award.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Fontaine Modification

Piedmont Natural Gas

Duke Energy

Silver Sponsors

Roush Clean Tech


Trillium CNG

Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition is a local initiative of Centralina Council of Governments and is a part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Clean Cities program. Since 2004, the Coalition has worked throughout the Centralina region to further the Clean Cities mission of reducing dependence on foreign oil, improving air quality, and promoting the use of alternative fuels and technologies.

The Coalition is made up of local, regional, and state government agencies, private companies, non-profit organizations, and interested individuals who work together towards the Clean Cities mission.

Sponsors for this event included Duke Energy, Fontaine Modification, Piedmont Natural Gas, ROUSH Clean Tech, North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, and Trillium CNG. We would like to thank our sponsors, along with the many who were involved in the program, for their generosity and time in allowing us to host such a special event.

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