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Innovation is a journey, and we are part of a movement.
Technology is changing, and we are the game changers.

We motivate
Electric vehicles are a new technology and we believe that they can make a big impact. We encourage communities and organizations to support this technology by installing charging stations and purchasing electric fleet vehicles.

We share
We spread the word about driving electric and assist others in learning about electric vehicles and charging stations. We share experiences and seek to learn from others in order to gain best practices and increase electric vehicle adoption. 

We progress
We’re innovators and early-adopters. We see the opportunity that electric vehicles have and we seek to help build awareness. We recognize that charging stations help to boost the economy by attracting new visitors and serving as a progressive marketing tool. 

We breathe
We care about the environment and want our communities to be healthy places to live, work and play. Electric vehicles lead to decreased local emissions so that the air we breathe is cleaner. 

We drive
We strive be a positive influence. We inspire people to think larger and see how electric transportation plays a part in our communities. We support driving electric through our initiatives and actions. 


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The City of Concord, with the help of Daniel Nuckolls, has continued to make great strides in the clean transportation space. With 99% of the over 1,000 vehicle fleet using alternative fuels, Daniel has created a clean fleet to envy. Nuckolls attributes his success to various organizations and planning projects including the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition, the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, the North Carolina Plug-in Vehicle Readiness Plan and various funding opportunities, including the Clean Fuel Advanced Techonology (CFAT) grant.The alternative fuels Nuckolls has implemented have proven to be effective for the city creating a positive change for both the residents as well as the environment. 


You've probably heard this from some of your fleet partners: "Why can't I get a consistent, full tank from my CNG dispenser?"  And, as you probably know, the answer is very complicated because the fill depends on fill rate and temperature, among other variables.  To help make sense of this complicated phenomenon, we've created an interactive animation:



Now available on the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) website. The animation lets you see what's going on inside a CNG tank at various fill rates and temperatures, and allows you to vary these parameters as you watch.  


God Bless the USA is a private local trash and recycling company based out of Monroe, NC. Currently they are the only company in Union County to run natural gas vehicles. In a partnership with Clean Cities they started with one hybrid truck and have since gained a fleet of 23 vehicles. The President of God Bless the USA, Erik Blowers, shares more in a video from the following link.

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