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Deep Dive Webinar - 3pm


The concept of 100% renewable energy is rising as a policy choice for reducing carbon pollition. In recent years, several cities and states have committed to 1000% renewable energy or net-zero goals, and President Joe Biden has committed to carbonneutrality nationwide before 2050 in his most recent climate plan. 

February's Deep Dive webinar looks at these policies under a microscope. What is the difference betwwen 100% renewable, net-zero, and carbon neutrality? How can we ensure the protection of jobs in a massive energy transition? How can we ensure that vulnerable populations are protected? What technology is needed to achieve 100% renewable energy? How can wepass these policies in legislatures across the country?

We will be joined by Dr. Erin Mayfield, Postdoctoral Research Associate at the High Meadows Environmental Institute, who will discuss a recent report released by Princeton University, Net-Zero America: Potential Pathways, Infrastructure, and Impacts, of which she was a collaborator. Aiko Schaefer, Director of the 100% Network, will share her experiences advancing 100% renewable energy policies that benefit people of color and harbor a just transition, Jeremy Caron, Sustainability Program Manager for the City of Des Moines, will share his on-the-ground experience of getting a 100% renewable energy standard passed in Des Moines, Iowa, and Chad Stephens, Ohio Ready for 100 Conservation Program Coordinator, will detail the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100 Campaign Toolkits and resources with a particular focus on Ohio Ready for 100 Campaigns.





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