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Clean Cities Webinar Series - Part 1: Introduction to Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel, and Blends


Curious about renewable biofuels and how they can reduce costs and emissions? Are regen issues plaguing your diesel fleet? Is your City Council or management proposing deep carbon emission reductions with no increase in your budget? Look no further than these drop-in substitutes for petroleum diesel: renewable diesel, biodiesel, and renewable diesel/biodiesel blends.

Drop-in renewable biofuels are now cost-competitive with conventional fuels thanks to federal tax incentives, U.S. EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard, and in some states, carbon credit programs (Oregon Clean Fuels Program, California Low Carbon Fuel Standard).

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Lower emissions
  • Meet your fleet sustainability goals


Centralina Council of Governments
9815 David Taylor Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

Part of the U.S.
DOE Clean Cities
National Network