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4 Essential Traits for 2021 & Beyond 2-3 pm



You have survived 2020, maintained your energy and motivation, faced it down with courage, sacrifice and inspiration. Now, how do we move on and continue to operate at peak efficiency?

 Outstanding fleet managers — thought leaders all — will facilitate this interactive forum on what we can improve on and how to be prepared for a future with unprecedented challenges.

The great comeback of 2021 is surely happening.

We have a lot of great fleet managers collaborating in innovative ways to address common challenges with tested solutions that work. This is need-to-know knowledge you can’t get anywhere else.

One manager of a #1 winner of The 100 Best Fleets will offer real-world solutions to the #1 challenge facing fleet managers in 2021.

Another facilitator is the only fleet manager to take three different fleets into The 100 Best Fleets.

Yet another presenter was in The 100 Best Fleets for 20 years straight…sustained excellence. How did he do it?

We will also hear from other visionaries and futurists, plus experts on emerging technologies that are changing how the industry works.


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